What is the Processing For App Store status?

After waiting 5 days with Burst! in the “Waiting For Review”, the status changed to “In Review”. This is normal. In my experience the waiting period is anywhere from 3 to 7 days though some people have complained of considerably longer waits.

BUT…Burst! then went into “Processing For App Store” status and stayed that way for 36 hours!

In Apple’s documents “Processing For App Store” says the binary is being processed and will be ready within 24 hours. So, 36 hours may not seem like that big a deal, but from personal experience I have never seen Processing For App Store” last for more than 10 minutes. So, yeah, something was wrong.

I called Apple Developer Support and was able to open a ticket. Shortly thereafter, Burst! was “Ready For Sale”.

BUT…when the game was on iTunes we noticed something very wrong.

App Store Screw-Up

At least one picture is required to submit. So where are they? I assumed something messed up in the “Processing…”. Since pictures can be changed after an app is live, I made a slight change to the app description in iTunes Connect (the pictures were all there!) and hit save.
30 minutes later, voila!


Burst! as it was supposed to look

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  1. So i had a similar problem updating my app. But I think I figured out how to fix it, and if others have this issue, perhaps this can confirm a weird bug in itunes connect. My app got stuck in ‘Processing for App Store’. I called apple, who told me there was nothing I could do. I just had to tough it out.

    Due to this unforeseen circumstance, I needed to update my current version’s description. I went into the current version and updated my description. I couldn’t save because my photos needed to be higher res. I had already made the higher res ones for the new update, and so I *deleted* the existing photos, and uploaded the new ones for the current version.

    I clicked save on editing the current version’s description and almost *immediately* I got an email saying that my update was ready for sale! The timing was *uncanny*. I cannot confirm that the two events are related, but since you seemed to have issues with your pictures, too, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

    So if you have this problem: Update the *current* version’s pictures and description. Try deleting the photos and/or updating with newer photos. And if that works, please comment here to let us know if that actually worked!

  2. Chris > That solution works, deleted a photo – within 15 seconds ‘ready for sale’

    Put the photo back again..All good 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Tried this “magic” but nothing helps. 2 apps uploaded at the same time, approved at the same time, yet one of them is ready for sale several hours, and the second still “processing for appstore”. I think those indian guys at apple just forget to press the button! Damn them!

    1. Hello everyone,

      I just tried my luck, & changed my app description, instantly my app was “Ready for sale” :D, my first ever app..!! 😀

  4. Just had the same issue, while I wasn’t able to delete a picture I was able to edit the description of the version that was ‘Processing for App Store’ for over two hours and whalla! Instantly in Ready for Sale status 🙂

    2 years later and the bug still exists in apples system…

  5. Yeah, after seeing “Processing for AppStore” for 10 hours and I googled about this status and I did like Luke abd it works. Thanks.

  6. I was stuck for two hours and just edited the description — added a period.
    And clicked on a few of the screenshots and it magically snapped to Ready for sale.
    Unfortunately I did this at 3:15AM — not the best time to go live.
    But I think you just have to ‘fiddle’ with a few of the screenshots and the edit button to get it to kick over.

  7. Hello,

    I had this issue now, my app was stuck in processing for app store status for about 35 minutes, and because this is not happened to me to my others apps, I searched in google and found this , and I read the comments, so I “edit” the description in iTunes .. & directly I got an email inform me that my app is ready for sale !!

  8. Hi,
    It’s coming to the 24th hour in that status for me now.
    It seems currently, probably since it is approved,
    I cannot make changes to images. even though I did makes changes to
    them in the “Waiting For Review” stage.
    I have edited the description a few times from 8 or so hrs ago.
    I guess there is something else going on this time.
    So nervous… I suppose everyone wants to download the distribution version
    of their own App.

  9. Thought I’d post again because this thread shows up in Google results,
    and there will be people reading who are freaking out like I was.

    April 25, 2013 12:17 : Ready for Sale
    April 23, 2013 21:18 : Processing for App Store

    That’s a record for anything I’ve read not he internet.

  10. I saw this post from google.

    I simple edited my description by adding a ‘space’ in a sentence.

    And voala, ‘Ready for Sale’.


  11. It works! just added a period to the description, clicked on save and in 3 seconds I got a “Ready for Sale” email…. woohoooo

  12. Yup – same issue for me. I just changed a . in the notes, clicked save and Read For Sale was staring me in the face. Nice! Happy, Happy, Happy…

  13. Found this from a Google search. I’m also stuck in the “processing” stage. 24 hours already. Sadly this “trick” described here is not working for me. Guess they fixed that “loophole”. Still, pretty ridiculous that it took 8 days to get reviewed and now heading into 2 days of “processing”. They seriously need to improve this process. Google Play Store -> Took 30 minutes. Yes, I know no manual review but automated malware check and off you go. Let the power of the crowd downvote an app if the quality isn’t good enough. Why do we need this painful 10day+ procedure.

  14. Thanks so much. I’ve been waiting since last night in the processing for app store status and followed your suggestion but rather than change a screenshot i updated my app’s description and instantly the app was ready for sale.

  15. This worked for me as well! My app was “Processing for App Store” for 24 hours. I went into the description and simply added a space at the end of a sentence, saved, and the app immediately changed status to “Ready For Sale”.

  16. Mh, seems I’ve the same problem. Processing for AppStore since ~17h. Changed some spaces in description, but no ‘ready for sale’ yet. I can’t edit screenshots. I already mailed Apple, but is there something I could try myself?

  17. July 2015 and this bug still persists. Once I released my app from “pending developer release” it changed to “processing for app store”. I googled and found this thread.. changed one word of text in the description, and bam, now it’s “Ready for Sale”. thanks for the tip.

    But now I have to wait for it to be indexed and searchable in iTunes. Nobody can find it and even the link in iTunes Connect doesn’t work yet! ARGH!

  18. Hello fellow iOS devs,

    Been stuck in “Processing for App Store” for over 8 hours now. Not as bad as some people, but still, it’s unacceptable. On our first release, it only took about 5 minutes. I hadn’t done anything different this time but it seems that Apple’s servers are against us today.

    I tried the solutions people have provided in the comments, such as updating the description, to no avail. I’ve tried even updating my address by putting a space in between my postal code, adding a sentence to the description, changing the “what’s new”, but nothing seems to do the trick. They either have fixed the loophole or it’s completely random.

    What a shitty experience this whole process as been though. We started off submitting around the beginning of July. It all went downhill when the reviewer decided he didn’t know how to navigate through our app (you clearly swipe left or right). I submitted an appeal with the app review board, believing this would be quicker than submitting and waiting another 7 or 8 days. Nope. That took 12 days, in which they left me completely in the dark, decided to call me out of the blue, and had a bunch of weird reasons as to why I was rejected:
    -I mentioned our Android app in the credits section
    -I used access codes (sort of like a username) instead of username/password combo

    Pretty sad reasons for me to have to wait 20 days to get an answer out of them. And then the Apple reviewer kindly gave us a break and set us up with an expedited review. I quickly made the changes and experienced yet another trouble: my app would not be able to be submitted for review because I was using a beta version of Xcode. Okay, switch back to old version of Xcode. Nope, Xcode crashes when I try to submit my app.

    Use a workaround to archive through old Xcode, submit through new Xcode. Works! Oh wait, I can’t submit because “apps must be built with Xcode 5.1.1 or later” or some stupid error message like that when trying to submit for review. So then I backup my Mac, completely wipe it, reinstall Yosemite, Xcode, restore my data, set it all up, and try to submit again. Finally, we got our submission in.

    3 days later we were approved and ready for sale, with a processing time of only about 5 minutes. Awesome!

    Nope, because I found a bug that could allow for in-app purchases to be skipped over. 1 line bug fix, had to remove my app from sale completely and resubmit as a new version. We wait a whole week again for a 1 LINE BUG FIX, approved and now stuck in processing.

    If half of our user base weren’t iOS users, we probably wouldn’t write for the platform. Now going on our 37th day of waiting for our app to be live is really a terrible experience that puts me off from even trying to submit to the store.

    It’s pathetic, and honestly, needs to be fixed. Sorry to be pessimistic, I’m usually not, but why would they even give a shit at this point. They’re already racking in loads of cash and can’t be stopped. A guy like me won’t be heard no matter how much whining I do because they couldn’t care less about the submission experience let alone their developers that make their platform a platform that is popular.

    Fuck off, Apple.

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