Burst! is an action puzzler game which has seen the top charts on the App Store.

It was designed as a Universal binary for the iPhone and the iPad. This means that it fills the screen completely without any weird stretching on the iPad and has gorgeous high definition retina graphics on the iPhone and iPod.

We have played games in the past which utilized physics and destruction but felt like something was missing in all of them. That missing piece, as it turns out, is the joy of unlimited “as-fast-as-you-can-launch” projectiles which allow you to quite literally flood the screen in a brute force onslaught. Sure, your score suffers a bit, but unleashing should definitely be an option.

Burst! has GameCenter and OpenFeint enabled for score comparing in a global leaderboard, and has numerous achievements which you can earn.

We wanted to let everyone try Burst! to see if they liked it before buying it, so we enabled an in-app purchase of the complete game.  Burst! has 40 free levels with another 80 levels for $0.99 in game. Purchasing the game makes it totally open, including removing all in-game advertisements.

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