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JetPack Miner Update 1

JetPack Miner has progressed by leaps and bounds these past few weeks. After letting our imaginations run wild for a while we are beginning the process of feature lock where no new features will be introduced. Here’s a look at the game in pictures.

Early build pictures:

The world is, in a word — huge. It stretched over a mile (equivalent) deep and is filled with naturally occurring caverns and tunnels. Mineral and gemstone pockets are clustered throughout and provide the miner with money and equipment. Creatures also populate these caverns. They replicate after they mine enough ore. So, in order to stop them from consuming your ore, and to keep their numbers down you had probably better shoot them. Also they’ll kill you if they see you.

In this early inventory menu you can see the miner and some of his equipment. He does indeed have a gun. Even though U.R.S.A. thinks it dangerous to hand out weapons, even they recognize the practical need in this mine.

Recent build:

The past week we implemented a number of new features and improvements to the interface. We decided to remove the nano-bot button and rework the miner’s interactivity with the bots. Previously they did all the harvesting of minerals whereas now the miner does it directly. The bots still provide important information and are a source of companionship for the lonely miner

The crafting system lets the player craft new weapons, pickaxes, and other items.

All guns are equipped with a laser sight. Holding the gun button will pull the currently equipped weapon and the joystick will aim. Of course he can’t shoot while flying, but skilled miners can shoot a few rounds in free-fall then resume flying. This is an important skill against some of the monsters who can climb walls. Shooting perches are unsafe.

The surface contains all your buildings and comforts of home. You can also talk to your bots if you need some conversation.

Next week we will show you some of the monster traits. They are fascinating creatures if they aren’t killing you. And we’ll give you a list of the new stuff we implemented. Ah yes, JetPack Miner is being built for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices above 2.2. We need testers, especially on Android phones, B&N Nook Color, & Kindle Fire. If anyone is interested, please let us know.

-The WickeyWare Team

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