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JetPack Miner Update 2

This week I want to introduce you to the monsters of Jetpack Miner. There are 4 basic types, skitters,tadpoles,elehogs, and aliens. They roam the caverns and handily harvest gems and ore. They will actively seek you out if they see you or hear you, so watch your back and carry a weapon.

Each type of monster also has an alpha version—bigger and stronger, the alpha is the adam of the entire race. All the others are direct descendants of him. The alphas are a bit brighter than the regulars as well. They will make better choices and strengthen their race. They are a definite threat.

Your tactics for dealing with monsters include finding a high perch which they can’t climb and shooting down at them. You might also dig traps and lure them into them. There’s nothing like shooting monsters in a barrel. Headshots are your best take-down shot whereas leg shots can slow them down.

SO, we ran a 5 hour simulation of the game and printed out an ascii view of the entire world to see what the monsters did with their time. They started with 3 alphas. When we ended there were 50 in total. Take a look.

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