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Jetpack Miner HUD & More

The pump-action shotgun is one of Miner’s preferred weapons against slower moving attackers.

This week we have few pictures of Jetpack Miner’s interface.

The left side of the information menu shows all the raw and cut ore and gems.  There are many types so you can scroll through them via  a scroll view.  On the right side you have all the information about your upgrades and current equipment. This includes your field of vision upgrade, heat shields, and jet-pack power. Your pick-axe and weapon can also be changed here allowing you to select the one you want to use at any time. If you look back, you can see a big difference from what we had two weeks ago.

The new HUD (heads-up-display) consolidates all necessary information in one easy to view pop-up console. You can now see the status of your health, fuel, weapon, etc at a glance.

These two screen shots were captured on a second generation iPad. The beauty of the increased screen in Jetpack Miner is basically and increased view-port into the world. You literally can see more of the world. One more reason to buy a Retina iPad!


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