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Mineral distribution in Jetpack Miner

As you know new game in Jetpack Miner generates a random map. An important part of this is the mineral distribution. It’s critical that enough minerals exist, with you and mining monsters competing for the same finite resources.

Higher quality metals and gems are found at lower depths. If you come across rhodite, you will probably find more rhodite at a similar depth. Similarly, materials tend to cluster. If you find one rhodite, you will often find a band of rhodite. This helps the distribution feel organic.  This was achieved during the map generation by cellular automata, the tile getting placed looks at surrounding tiles to determine its content.  If there is a mineral to the side, there is a higher chance that the mineral chain will continue than if the mineral is above or below.  These simple rules guide the minerals in “bands” across the depths of Jetpack Miner.

The actual map consists of up to 160,000 tiles, and around 20% of those tiles will be minerals.  You better hurry up if you plan to out-mine the 5 species of monsters that are constantly fighting you for resources!

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