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Burst tips and walkthroughs

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We are beginning to compile a list of walkthroughs for different Burst! levels. Feel free to leave your own, or request a walkthrough for a level.
First though, tips:

Points in Burst! depend on balloons popped, blocks broken, and arrows used. But there are some things that make a difference.

1: Popping multiple balloons with one regular arrow will result in successive point increases. The first balloon is 100, second 150, third 200, and so on. So pop as many balloons with one arrow as possible.
2: Using less arrows results in a higher arrow bonus. This matters much much more if you only need a few arrows to finish a level, whereas if it takes a lot of arrows, a few extra won’t make much of a difference.
3: Destroying blocks, especially if you can do it without wasting arrows, can really improve your score. For example, both the yellow and red paths take the same number of arrows but the red path will result in more blocks falling and breaking ie higher points!


Video walk-throughs so far:

Incipia Desert 14

Incipia Desert 15

The Frozen North 19

Nadir Caves 15

Nadir Caves 19

Desidious Forest 6

Feel free to leave walk-throughs or requests in the comments!