Burst! is a top downloaded iPhone game

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Burst! rang in the New Year as the 3rd most downloaded Free Adventure Game on the App Store!


With over 200,000 downloads in the last 3 days, Burst! the unlimited projectile, unlimited fun, physics-based puzzler soars into the top charts on the Apple App Store.

Burst! currently (12-30-2011) ranks in the top 10 Free Adventure Games and the top 25 Free Action Games.



Here are what players are saying:

“Overall great !! – Great graphics, smooth gameplay, relatively simple controls, and freakin’ addictive.!!!!!!!!!!!!”
~ Sweeeet Sam

“Extremely addictive!You won’t be able to put it down! :)”
~ Rodriges

“I recommend Burst! to people that are iTouch masters!I rate this game 5 STARS!”
~ 2011super

“This is better than Angry birds in many ways.”
~ Jobs GREAT

“This is hands down my favorite game. it’s brilliant. Great graphics. Great storyline! Challenging yet intuitive! Make more…!”
~ LaMerintheBlue


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Apathetic 8 Ball Doesn’t Care

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We are pleased to announce the release of a most helpful app for Android devices. Apathetic 8 Ball was designed to help you with your most difficult decisions, and we were extremely excited about the opportunity to help guide so many people with life’s difficult choices.

Then we made the disturbing discovery that Apathetic 8 Ball didn’t always appear to give correct answers…

Ask it any question, then shake your device, and it will give you the answer.

Inquire about your future, relationships, dinner plans, your dog, anything at all, it doesn’t care. It probably won’t even listen. But ask anyway.