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Mines of Mars

5 out of 5 Stars! “So far so good. It gives me such a feeling of nostalgia, like it’s an old school game with a really nice face-lift. Funny how, even though the graphics aren’t anything out of the ordinary, the game can still give you a start: you’re wandering around that vast expanse of underground darkness, then–BAM–some creature enters your small safe-zone of light and you try to backtrack and aim at the same time, but you forget your back is immediately against a wall since you’ve been mining in this narrow tunnel for the past twenty minutes, so you spray and pray and try your best to just get AWAY like the creature is from The Pit, but then you realize, after all of that, it’s just a moth.”


5 out of 5 Stars! “This is,quite the miner’s game! You start off as a miner crash landing on mars, with one mission, mine as much minerals as you can! All around amazing gameplay, great, high quality graphics, and quite the storyline to it. I would recommend this game to all ages.”